Friday, December 21, 2007

What's the best object from the Harry Potter books?

About a month ago, I wrote a post about several items based on the Harry Potter movies that are for sale from the Noble Collection.

Now that there are only a few shopping days left until Christmas, I've been thinking about those items again. What if you could receive an item from the Harry Potter world as a gift and it would function exactly the way it did in the books? The catch is that you could only choose one. Which would it be?

A magic wand?

The Sorcerer's Stone? (which would give you the Elixir of life, and unlimited money)

The Marauders Map? (if it was a map of your home, office, school, etc. )

The invisibility cloak? (which would come in handy if there was anyone you wanted to avoid)

The Mirror of Erised? (that you could use to see your heart's desire)

A coin from Dumbledore's Army? (that could pass messages)

Gryffindor's Sword? (that could destroy any unwanted item?)

A time turner? (which would come in handy)

A deluminator? (which turns out lights, and does the cool thing it does in book 7).

Or a foaming hot mug of butterbeer?

Or something else entirely?

Hmmmm... good question. What do you think? See the poll in the sidebar or leave a message in the comments.

Update: The poll results are here.


  1. The unlimited money from the Sorcerer's Stone sounds awesome (I just looked at my credit card bill from all the holiday shopping... eep!). ;)

  2. I just don't know! I was thinking having a magical table (like in the Great Hall) that produced full meals three times a day would be great, but that would require house elves slaving away to prepare the food. A wand would be nice--would we get magic training along with it, though? I might have to settle for a butterbeer (can I have some Chocolate Frogs with it?).

  3. OOH, or maybe a bathtub from the prefect's bathroom would be nice! Just imagine the amazing bubble baths you could have...

  4. My first thought was Hermione's bottomless purse. :-) But there's way too much cool stuff to pick just one!

  5. Abby- excellent point. The unlimited money would certainly come in handy.

    Liz- Ooh, I would love a table that produced meals three times a day. And yes, a free Quikspell course qould definitely have to come with the magic wands. And I love the prefect's bathtub... that would be fantastic.

    Lisa- How could I have forgotten Hermione's beaded bag? That's one of my favorite things in the whole series.

  6. Butterbeer. But I like mine cold. See the recipes on my blog! :P

  7. Thanks Brian! Those recipes sound great. I just wrote a post linking to your blog.