Thursday, December 13, 2007

For Better or For Worse... now it's getting interesting

After weeks of slogging through old For Better or For Worse comic strips from years past, it's a relief to have the action back in the present (at least for the moment). And Lynn Johnston certainly livened things up with today's strip. I can't wait to see where this storyline is going.

Update: Hmmm... didn't go quite where I expected, at least not yet. I thought there would be a confrontation between Therese and Elizabeth, not between Therese and Francie. I'll just have to wait and see. If you want to see the comic strips I'm referring to... Friday's is here and Saturday's is here.


  1. for the record, I really don't like Elizabeth with whatsisname single dad, Anthony.

    It's too close to "your first love is the one you should stick with, silly person" for my tastes, especially with Michael ending up with his grade school crush.

    tho, I'm glad it's not being painted all roses & puppies...but still, most marriages break up for various reasons, and I am uncomfortable with the portrait of the ex-wife. As well as uncomfortable with the idea that whatsisname married the wife while still having feelings for's all rather messy.

  2. Liz- all good points. I'm not wild about Liz and Anthony either... but I do like that it's not all roses and puppies now... like it was when they first got back together.
    There was at least one strip right after he got engaged where Anthony mentioned how great Therese was, but other than that, it didn't seem like there was much love in that relationship on either side.
    And, I agree with you about Michael and the issue of marrying your early crush. Does that mean April has to marry Gerald? =)
    And my big question is... if Elizabeth wasn't going to end up with Paul, why was he even introduced?

  3. I have to say, I love finding another person who is obsessed with the FBFW soap opera!

    I liked Paul, and I also liked pilot dude, and I'm afraid now that they were introduced just to show Elizabeth that Anthony is Mr Wonderful in that he didn't cheat like Paul and is available, unlike pilot dude.

    But, if Anthony always had feelings for Elizabeth, wasn't that sort of cheating on Therese? So therese isn't perfect, but neither is Anthony, and I feel quite sorry for that little girl.

  4. Liz- I was frustrated that Paul was portrayed as a cheater. I thought that was unnecessary. He could just have not wanted to move because it didn't fit in with who he was. Why did he have to have an affair?

    And I was rooting for Warren, the pilot, for years... and so disappointed when he was dropped as an option.

    Yeah, you could argue that Anthony was cheating on Therese by still having feelings for Liz. And I feel sorry for Francie too... especially given this week's strips.

  5. Liz, you inspired me to write a whole new post on this subject!

  6. This discussion is amusing to me. I missed out on the whole Warren storyline -- I guess it happened somewhere between getting the newspaper and having the Internet for me -- so I can't speak to that. I was very disappointed in the Liz-Paul break-up, however. I wonder if Johnston meant to go somewhere further with that and changed her mind for some reason. And I agree, family ties for both Liz and Paul were sufficient reason for a break-up. *sigh* Sometimes it feels like a TV drama with a set cast. "You can choose either guy A or guy B." But what about guy D? Or J? Or X??

  7. Lisa- I was very disappointed with the Elizabeth/Paul break-up too. Very depressing. I agree that it felt like she was originally planning to go somewhere else with the plot... based on the Mr. "Wright" set-up.

    The Warren storyline actually spanned several years, and started when Elizabeth was in college. It was after she had broken up with Eric that she met Warren on a bus back to school. He came back a few times... when Elizabeth graduated, and then more recently around the time of the break-up with Paul.