Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poll results

The results are in for my poll about re-reading Harry Potter.

Question: I've read the Harry Potter books...

  • 30 %: I've read the series through about three to five times.
  • 20 %: So many times that I'm embarrassed to admit how high the number is.
  • 12 %: Twice. I read them once originally, and then a second time to prepare for Book 7.
  • 10 %: I’ve read my favorite books in the series several times each.
  • 10 %: One time each.
  • 7 %: I haven't finished the series.
  • 7 %: I haven't read the books.
It seems that the majority of Wizards Wireless readers have devoured (or slogged through) the books, not once, but several times. I'm glad to hear it! I think that the Harry Potter books are really designed to be re-read, so it's great that so many people have.

Be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite Caldecott winning books. Currently in the lead is Where the Wild Things Are. The Snowy Day is in second place. Officer Buckle and Gloria, The Polar Express and Make Way for Ducklings are all tied for third place.

Incidentally, it's amazing how many people have been voting. Each poll has been averaging about 45 votes!


  1. As the series progressed, I slowed down in how many times I read each book (I have read book 1 countless times over the years, but I only read book 7 once). But I just got the audio book of book 7 from the library and I am gearing up to listen! I just wanted to share because I'm really excited. When I listen to one of the audio books for the first time it feels like listening to a new book.

  2. Liz- that's definitely true. Good point. I've read 1,2,3 and 4 far more than 5,6, and 7. But I think that's because I don't like 5 so much... and 6 and 7 are more recent. That being said, I think I've listened to the last five chapters of Book 7 over 20 times. And I have Book 1 memorized.
    The HP audio books are fantastic, aren't they? I think Book 7 is particularly good. Enjoy!