Monday, December 10, 2007

Seven things about everyone else

About a week ago, I did a meme (a list of information) called "seven things about me." (Wondering what a meme is? There's a good definition here). After revealing seven things about myself, I had to tag other blogs. Everyone has come through, so I wanted to share their wonderful posts with you.

I learned 7 things about Travis at 100 Scope Notes. My favorite on Travis' list is: "I have been told I could make a modest living as an Abe Lincoln impersonator. I wish I had a picture, but I don’t, so click here and kinda squint your eyes. That’s sort of what it looks like when I’ve got on the beard and stovepipe."

I learned 7 things about Lisa at Under the Covers. My favorite on Lisa's list is: "I’m a writer. Not yet published (not since various college rags, anyway), but working on it. I write middle grade and young adult novels, mostly realistic but also some near-future science fiction. I’ve wanted to be a published novelist since I was seven, so it’s been taking a while. But I’ll get there someday."

I learned 7 seven things about Jennifer at Art, Words, Life. My favorite on Jennifer's list is: "I think that all the answers to everything can be found in books. Which is why I keep reading."

I learned 7 things about Abby at Abby (the) Librarian. My favorite thing on Abby's list: "I love doing laundry. This stems from finally having a washer and dryer in my apartment after several years of having to trek laundry across a parking lot and use all my quarters to get it done. In fact, the washer is going right now. :)"

I learned 7 things about Laura at Library & Literary Miscellany. My favorite on Laura's list is: "I pride myself on my chocolate chip cookie baking skills (although my gingersnaps aren’t too shabby either)."

I learned 7 things about Susan (look in the comments for the meme) at Chicken Spaghetti which was a list about the Roald Dahl books she hopes to read in the next year. My favorite on Susan's list is: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I firmly believe can never be read enough times.

To learn seven things about Wizards Wireless, see this post.

Thanks to everyone who did this, it was a lot of fun. And thanks to Jennie at Biblio File who tagged me in the first place. Anyone got another meme?


  1. I agree about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Something I mentioned once in a much earlier meme was that I learned to type by typing out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (No worries, copyright owners, I threw it away afterwards).

    A meme that went around before you started your blog that you might like was about books that you would, and would not, like to live in, and fictional schools that you would, and would not, like to attend. I think it was five of each, but you could certainly modify to whatever number strikes your fancy. I'm pretty sure I know what would be top of your list of fictional schools that you would like to attend...

  2. Jen- Glad to find another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lover. That's a great way to learn to type.
    I like the idea of fictional schools... hmmm... I'll have to write a post about it.

    Abby- Thanks! I probably won't do a roundup of every meme, but I liked doing this one.