Friday, December 7, 2007

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is a tradition in the Kidlitosphere (the community of bloggers who write about children's literature). Every Friday, poems are posted at various blogs and one person writes a round-up where they link to all the poetry. This week, the round-up is at Becky's Book Reviews.

This is my first ever Poetry Friday post, because it's the first time I've had a poem to contribute. This poem came into my head on Wednesday while I was shoveling the driveway with my son at 7 pm. I haven't written a poem for ten years, so it feels good to write again.

A Good Mom
A good mom searches for the red snow pants
even though the blue ones fit
because red is his favorite color.

A good mom finds his boots
even though they are in the attic
because he wants to wear them.

A good mom lets him use the shovel
even though it's too big for him
because he wants to help.

A good mom gives him her gloves
even though it's her only pair
because his hands are cold.

A good mom plays in the snow at night
even though she should be working
because he wants to play with her.

Or, at least
that's what I did


  1. We had a lot going on here yesterday, too, with favorite snowpants, mittens, and going in and out a lot. Don't forget the cocoa! :-)

  2. That was a very sweet poem, Susan. Enjoyed the free verse very much -- far too many people think poems are nothing more than a series of couplets.

  3. Welcome - and you jumped in with an original one, too. I'm envying you your snow!

  4. Karen- Snow is a lot of work with kids, isn't it? But definitely fun. I need to make some cocoa.

    Jim- Thanks so much! You know, I don't think I've ever written a poem that rhymes.

    Tadmack- Thank you for the welcome! The snow was quite unexpected... now it really feels like winter. It was great to write a poem again... it's been so long.

  5. Welcome, Susan! I wish I had a kid who still liked to use a shovel. :)

    My snow is rain now, and I didn't throw a single snowball. Next time, I'm going to be a good mom to myself and play outside.

  6. I love your blog and your snowy day poem. I hope another 10 years won't go by before you write another one!

  7. Sara- Thanks for the welcome! You're right... I'm sure my son will not always view shoveling as a special treat. =)

    Darla- Thanks for the encouragement and compliments!