Monday, July 9, 2007


I've started to feature comic strips on this blog... but haven't yet written about one of my very favorites... Unshelved. It's purely a webcomic, although it does have several collections (4 so far, Book #5 is about to be released.) It's set in a library and it's about... well... libraries. And books. And technology. And graphic novels. And customer service. And a guy in a beaver suit.
It has a great cast of characters, funny plots, and is just altogether a wonderful comic strip.

The whole comic strip is online, so you can read through their archives, starting with the very first strip. (It isn't a bad idea to start from the beginning anyway, to get a sense of the characters,... and to figure out the story behind the beaver suit.) They also have an RSS feed, or they'll e-mail the strip to your Inbox every day.

They've also started a new (in the two last years) feature... the Unshelved Book Club, which features individual recommended books in full color Sunday strips.

My favorite Unshelved strip ever is Seven Stages of Falling in Love with An Author. This is exactly how I feel when I find a terrific author. I've never seen it so well described before. Take a look at Merv in the "infatuation" panel. Is it just me, but does it look like he could be walking in either direction? (His nose and ear are about the same size).

If you're not familiar with Unshelved... give it a try, and let me know what you think. It's funnier than it sounds.

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