Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter 7: Chapters Two and Three

Spoilers coming!!!!

It's safe to read this post if you've finished Chapters Two and Three of the Deathly Hallows... but do NOT read it if you haven't finished reading the Half Blood Prince.

As I move on to chapter two, I think I better start talking about them in outline form, otherwise it might take me longer to go through all the chapters than it did for J.K. Rowling to write the book. So here goes the (hopefully) streamlined discussion of the next few chapters.

Chapter Two: In Memoriam
Most memorable: When I read Dumbledore's obituary, I felt like I was mourning someone I knew personally. This was the first time my eyes watered while reading this book.

Funny: The Rita Skeeter interview was absolutely hysterical.

Worth pointing out: Aha! He found the mirror that Sirius gave him. I knew that would be important. The fact that Harry saw a blue eye in it made me think he was summoning Professor Dumbledore back from the dead, but I wasn't sure how. I kept thinking that the fragment would break apart once it was in his backpack.

Connection to previous books: Elphias Doge (the writer of Dumbledore's obituary) was one of the members of the Order of the Phoenix who escorted Harry to Grimmauld Place in Book 5.

Favorite quote: "The idea of a teenage Dumbledore was simply odd, like trying to imagine a stupid Hermione or a friendly Blast-Ended Skrewt." (Scholastic hardcover, pg. 21)

Chapter Three: The Dursleys Departing
Picture: I understand that Dudley has more muscle mass than in the past, but is it just me or does it look like he has balloons up his sleeves and has turned into a hunchback?

Most memorable: Harry standing up to the Dursleys, so completely unafraid of them... and actually protecting them. And of course, the fact that Dudley redeemed himself.

Funny: Dedalus Diggle. This is the first time we've really gotten a chance to see him say more than a a sentence or two, and he cracked me up. I loved when he asked Uncle Vernon if he knew how to drive. And his pocket watch is great. I could use one of those.

Connection to previous books: The image of Vernon Dursley packing and unpacking and repacking was reminiscent of his madness in Book One in The Letters From No One chapter.

Favorite quote:
Dedalus Diggle to Harry: "The hopes of the Wizarding world rest upon your shoulders."
"Oh," said Harry, "right." (Scholastic hardcover, pg. 41)

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