Monday, July 2, 2007

For Better or For Worse

Grad Girl commented on my earlier "What's this blog about?" post... "What happened with For Better or For Worse? I haven't read the comics in a while...I'm curious to know."

(By the way, it's so exciting to get comments! It means people are actually reading what I have to say.)

So what's going on with For Better or For Worse these days?
Well, for one thing, it's ending in a few months... well, kind-of-sort ending. See this interview from Editor and Publisher for more details. Basically, Lynn Johnston is pseudo-retiring.... the strip will continue, but the aging of the characters (which is one of the most interesting and unique parts) will freeze.

So, why is this a big deal in the comic strip world? Because it seems that the author is trying to wrap up ALL the storylines in the next few months, and the results are a bit stilted and awkward.... particularly what's going on with Elizabeth. There's been a lot of angst on the For Better or For Worse unofficial listserv and a lot of frustration among fans to see the protagonists forced in to happily ever after endings.

If you haven't read it recently.... it's worth catching up with it... because it looks like a major plot development is (inevitably) happening this week. There's a pretty extensive archive at the For Better or Worse website. By the way, if you do go the website- check out the John's Coffee Break game.... which may be one of the most addicting games ever, apart from Tetris.

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