Sunday, July 15, 2007

Proud to be a Potterhead

That's the title of an article by Sabaa Saleem Tahir that appeared this morning in the opinion section of The Washington Post. Why am I mentioning this particular article when there have been dozens (and possibly hundreds) of Harry Potter articles in the media in the last few weeks?

Well, for starters, because it's one of the best articles I've read about the subject.... in particular the way that Tahir describes her change from skeptic to die-hard superfan. And because it sums up exactly how I feel about the Harry Potter books. I started off skeptical too.... but now have badgered everyone around me into reading the books (at least the first one) and have produced a fair number of converts. My husband will also have to guide me through the bookstore parking lot at 12:03 am on Friday night/Saturday morning as I try to read the first chapter of the book. And... although I'm dying to know what happens.... I'm crushed that the series is ending.

There was another article about Harry in the Post's Outlook section this morning... titled Harry Potter and the Death of Reading. I have absolutely no problem with two contrasting viewpoints.... after all, that's what the opinion section is supposed to be all about. What did irritate me was that the negative Harry Potter article took up two thirds of the front page of the Outlook section... and Tahir's positive article was buried in the back of the section with no mention of it at all (not even a small blurb on the front page that there was a second article on the subject).

Anyways, if you're a Potterhead... give Tahir's article a read. And if you're not... then you'll love "Harry Potter and the Death of Reading."

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