Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Orange Pear Apple Bear

This recently published book is a wonderful addition to the list of great books for babies.

It only has FOUR words (five, actually- if you count the last page)... all of which are in the title. It's incredibly creative and the pictures are so humorous and expressive. The words are all easy words that little kids can recognize. So many books for babies are overly complicated and wordy- but this one is just right. This is one of the few books that I think would convert into a fantastic board book.. plenty of white space and the pictures are centrally located on the page. More importantly, the target audience for this book is babies- who will shred the hardcover edition... so a board book would really be helpful. That being said, it can also be appreciated by older readers.... my three year old LOVES this book. Kudos to Emily Gravett for creating something so wonderful and accessible.... I hope it will become a classic.

But, really, I fell in love with the bear (and you will too).

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