Monday, July 16, 2007

Piled Higher and Deeper

Speaking of grad school... check out the PhD comic strip (which actually does stand for Piled Higher and Deeper). It started when creator Jorge Cham was an engineering graduate student at Stanford University (he has since escaped with his doctorate). It keeps getting better (and seems eerily familiar to my own grad school experience). PhD is a self-published and unsyndicated web comic strip (similar to Unshelved- see this post). There are three book collections... the third one Scooped just came out.

If you've ever been in graduate school, know anyone who has, or passed someone on the street working towards their doctorate... you'll get a laugh out of PhD. (The doctoral student will probably groan, though.... because it'll feel like they're reading their own diary.) It's more for PhD students... but I find it pretty funny, and I'm just a lowly master's student.

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