Friday, March 21, 2008

A question for bloggers

What aspects of blogging have surprised you the most?

I'll go first.

The rich community of children's literature bloggers.
When I started, I had no idea how many blogs there were about children's books. I've been delighted to find such a bright, talented and generous community. I've learned so much about children's books and blogging from all of you.

How many people read my blog.
I thought that maybe a couple of people would read my blog occasionally. I've been overwhelmed (in a very nice way) with the number of people who read, comment and subscribe to Wizards Wireless. There have also been far more links to Wizards Wireless from other blogs than I would have dreamed possible, and I consider each one a huge compliment.

Who reads my blog.
Friends and family members from all over the country. People who have never met me. Librarians. Parents. Teachers. Authors. My brother. More people than I could have imagined.

That I still have something to say.
My main concern about starting a blog was that I'd run out of things to say after about a week. It's been nine months (and over 200 posts) later... and there's so many things I still want to talk about. Looks like I should keep writing.

Your turn. What's surprised you about blogging?


  1. How consistent you need to be - that you can't leave your audience hanging!

  2. How much dang work it is! I quickly realized I can't do daily posting... or sometimes even weekly. I've had to really scale back my expectations of myself.

  3. I am amazed how rewarding it is! But also how much work it can be when you are overwhelmed by other distractions.

  4. The audience is always a surprise. And the fits and spurts that I get into. It's so hard to keep up, not only with my own blogs, but with trying to read everyone elses!

  5. As I look over the past three years of blogging, I'm surprised by how much it's encouraged me to write and do research. There's accountability to learning new things and then sharing those new things with people: stories, songs, how to "cheat" with the F chord, etc. I am surprised by all the people I've connected with, too. Readership was pretty small until I entered the Kidlitosphere via Fuse #8.

  6. I'm surprised that more people OUTSIDE my school community seem to read it than my own students. I've also been surprised to hear from some authors on my blog! It's really exciting when an author makes a comment.

  7. In a strange way it's made me more productive. It's like one little creative idea I have to come up with every day, which leads to another, and another... (but I think I work better under deadlines, even if they're only self-imposed ones.)

    Also, how many kind people I've met!