Monday, March 3, 2008

For better or For Worse: Wohoo!

Oooooh, this is great. Check out today's strip.

Hopefully this will go somewhere. It probably won't, but hey, I can dream, right?


  1. I'm dreaming with you.

    anyone but anthony!

  2. I'm imagining something like this:

    Warren: Hey, Liz, wanna get back together?

    Liz: You are unreliable and unpredictable and were a jerkface when you knowingly dropped me into Paul's affair, whereas Anthony is The Most Amazing Man on the Planet, even though I have apparently met only three guys in my entire life. Plus, he has a cute daughter. Get lost!

    THE END.

  3. I think Liz's response will be more like:

    "I have learned my lesson in love: settle for your first boyfriend ever. So despite the fact that Anthony has shown shockingly poor judgment by marrying someone when he pined for me, and having a child with that woman, all the while really loving me --

    Well, how can one say no to Anthony?"

  4. You know, I kind of liked Warren back in the day, but then he disappointed me, as a reader, and I'm not sure I'm ready to travel down that road again.

  5. Liz B- my thoughts exactly.

    Cary's Girl- Yeah, but I don't think it's really going to go anywhere. It's probably just going to be a chance for Liz to tell someone how stable and wonderful Anthony is.

    Lisa C. and Liz B.- you're both right on the money... and you really made me laugh.

    Adrienne- that's a good point. Warren has sort of disintegrated and disappointed me as a character recently.

  6. In today's installment, we find out Warren is just like Anthony: He wants a hoooooooome, a hooooooome with Liz.

    I'm really torn. I like Warren, but I'm at the point where I don't want to condemn any character I like to a life with Liz and her family... :)

    Maybe Warren can go away for a while, and be the older man April meets as a young veterinarian.