Thursday, March 13, 2008

For Better or For Worse: Finally

The readers of Wizards Wireless are good guessers.

Here's the results from a recent poll I posed for readers of For Better or For Worse.

Question: "When do you think Anthony is going to propose?"

  • In the next two weeks (8 votes)
  • Never (I hope), but I'm being realistic, so I voted for one of the other choices too. (6 votes)
  • In the next two months (3 votes)
  • In the next six months (1 vote)
  • In the next year (1 vote)
After you've patted yourself on the back for your all-knowingness (which is a word I just invented)... head on over and check out today's strip. But, you already knew what was going to happen, didn't you?

And check out the new poll I just added.


  1. I thought of you when I read that comic this morning. Where do you fit on the new poll?

  2. Anthony will propose when...he finds someone other than Liz. Then he will propose to Liz, while telling the other girl he really loves her, just wait for hoim.

  3. kt- I think I'm very all four.

    Yay: so that we can finally move on with the plot.

    Mixed: because originally, way back when, I actually liked Anthony.

    Bleah: Because this storyline has played out in such an odd way. Even the proposal was strange. And I'm really not sure why it was necessary to drag Warren and Paul... two perfectly nice guys, through the muck in order to achieve it.

    Finally: this development has been pretty inevitable for the last year or so. Actually, it's been pretty inevitable for the last ten years.

    By the way, your blog is great. I just added it to my blogroll.

    Liz B- That's very, very funny.

  4. OK, today's (Saturdays) post shows why I dislike Anthony. In talking to Francie about her mother, Therese (the woman HE chose to marry and have a child with) he says: "When she has time, you'll see her and talk to her, just like always."
    When she has times. As much as I love FBoW, this slamming of Therese to her child is horrible, and a passive/aggressive action by Anthony to continue to undermine Therese's and Francie's bond, fragile that it is.
    Anthony is a first class manipulator; and I only hope that Liz ends up seeing that.