Friday, March 14, 2008

Poll results

Clearly, most of my readership consists of fellow bloggers. That's what I found out from this poll.

Question: Do you have a blog?

  • I have two or more blogs. (14 votes)
  • Yes. (13 votes)
  • I contribute to a group blog. (4 votes)
  • No. (3 votes)
  • I'm thinking of starting a blog. (1 vote)
  • What's a blog? (1 vote)
To the person who voted for "I'm thinking of starting a blog," I say go for it. And, once you do, let me know the address so I can read it.

To the person who voted for "What's a blog?"... you're reading one. Here's a brief description from Blogger, and incidentally, the page also contains a link for you to start your own blog.

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