Monday, March 10, 2008

Comics comments: Doonesbury and For Better or For Worse

There's a great plot twist today in Doonesbury. I'm so impressed how Trudeau took a character that I thought was unimportant and turned the tables. Unfortunately, you'll only get the joke if you've been reading Doonesbury regularly for the last 4 months (and the last 20 years). But if you have, you'll find today's strip very funny.

As for today's For Better or For Worse strip... I think Anthony is about to propose. He just realized that there are other people interested in Liz, and he should act now. I think that's what's going to happen when they meet the next day. What do you think? Leave a comment or see the new poll in the sidebar.


  1. I think you're right about Anthony. Uhg. Double uhg on the whole "oh noes he doesn't believe me" nondrama.

  2. Me Four. Break out the barf bags.

    I keep hoping its all a bad dream, and that Liz wakes up two years ago, in her apartment in Mtigwaki. The camera pulls back to reveal Paul* all sleepy and cuddly on his side of the bed. Then Liz reflexively snuggles in close to him and whispers "I had the worst dream..."

    *This would also work if it was the non-creepy Warren I used to know and love...


  3. Just read today's strip (3/12.)


    I didn't think I could dislike Anthony anymore than I do... Yet, then this stip comes along.

    This is where I wonder what the writer is thinking....

    Re both Paul and Warren: maybe I need to reread the past several years worth of strips, but based on my recollection, Paul didn't become cheaterboy and Warren didn't become uncommittedboy until Anthony came back into the picture; in other words, they were both retconned to look bad in order to make Anthony look better.

  4. I just took a look at "Elly's Coffee Talk" (, and it's absolutely hilarious to see the variety and vehemence of response to the whole Warren/Anthony thing. :-)

  5. I'm not totally opposed to Anthony (although I'm more so after reading Elly's Coffee Talk--I think I was preoccupied with my own marriage and children the whole time Anthony was with Francoise, and missed a lot of what went on). But I definitely preferred Paul. And maybe even Warren. The idea of Elizabeth marrying a high school sweetheart doesn't necessarily bother me (she can still be adventurous! sometimes a spouses are opposites, and keep each other centered), but something doesn't feel right here.