Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For Better or For Worse: Not going to happen

Based on the FBoFW strips yesterday and today, I'd say it's a forgone conclusion that Warren will not be the knight in shining armor. So, Monday was just a red herring, which is what a lot of you said in the comments of this post.

We're gearing up for a big "let me tell you why Anthony is so much more reliable and stable than you" speech and a "since Anthony is so wonderful, maybe it's time to get married and snatch him up" realization. And then, a "hey, I wonder if Mike and Deanna have an old wedding dress in their attic that I could use?"

Is it just me, or has Liz looked like a lot like Elly and Michael in the last week? And, why do both Anthony and Warren feel they have "no hoooome" without Liz... when neither of them has ever had a home WITH Liz?

Really, though, I'm just thrilled to see the plot moving forward.... wherever it goes.

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  1. I know it's silly to want Liz to dump Anthony and find someone knew. But I really, really dislike the Anthony/Liz storyline on so many levels, as I'm sure you have noticed.