Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolutions and Reflections

Happy new year! I've been doing some thinking about this blog recently and the direction I want to take it in. I've rounded up some of my favorite posts... and I've thought a lot about the topics I'd like to write more about.

Here are my blog resolutions for 2008:
  • To write more about comic strips. I have a few profiles up about comic strips so far, such as this one about Unshelved and this one about Doonesbury, but I'd like to write a lot more about the comics. I'd also like to start reviewing comic strip book collections.
  • To try to create comic strips myself. I discovered a wonderful web tool called ToonDoo that allows even the artistically challenged (such as myself) to make their own comic strips. I've written two strips (this one and this one), but I want to do much more with it.
  • To become more involved in the Kidlitosphere (the group of bloggers who write about children's literature). I've been reading and commenting on many wonderful kidlit blogs and I'd like to do much more of that. I've started submitting posts to Poetry Friday, which has been great fun, and I've written three original poems so far: A Good Mom, Freedom and Book of Memories. I'm also hosting the January Carnival of Children's Literature and am enjoying seeing the submissions come in and discovering new blogs.
  • To write more about the back stories of children's books that I love such as this post about Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. There are so many books that have fascinating histories such as Curious George and The Little Engine that Could and I'd like to write more about them.
  • To start providing links to Book Sense, Powells and independent bookstores instead of (or in addition to) links to Amazon. See my next resolution for an example.
  • To continue blogging, to continue connecting with wonderful people in the kidlit community, to continue to talk about children's books, comic strips and Harry Potter and to continue to have fun sharing my thoughts.
As for personal resolutions, I like the ones that Adrienne posted at What Adrienne Thinks About That. Particularly resolutions #5 and #8. Now, those are goals that I'll have no trouble achieving.

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