Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogroll Updating Month

According to Mother Reader, it's Blogroll Updating Month. It's time to take a look at the blogs you link to, and make sure they're all still relevant and are regularly updated.

This is a great idea and gives me an excuse to talk about a few blogs I've added to my blogroll recently:

Audiobooker: a lovely blog about audio books, written by Mary Burkey, the current chair of the brand new Odyssey award committee.

Bottom Shelf Books: a funny, funny, funny blog about picture books, written by Minh Le. Did I mention that it's funny?

Class of 2k8: a blog devoted to children's and young adult authors who will have their debut book published in 2008.

Finding Wonderland: an inspring blog about writing YA literature, with a healthy dose of poetry thrown in.

Gotta Book: Speaking of funny blogs, this blog by Gregory K. is always worth a look.

Open Wide, Look Inside: a brand new blog by Tricia Stohr-Hunt of the Miss Rumphius Effect. It's filled with incredibly helpful resources about using children's books across the curriculum.

Saints and Spinners: A wonderful, creative blog about books, music, storytelling and lots more written by Alkelda the Gleeful.

Shelf Talker: All about the joy of being a children's bookseller. I always feel like Alison Morris of Wellesley Booksmith is speaking directly to me.

And, many many more. Check out my blogroll for more wonderful blogs. It's on the sidebar, creatively titled "Blogs."


  1. Great post! My Google Reader grows and grows... ;)

  2. Abby- Thanks! I love introducing people to new blogs... it's almost as exciting as discovering them myself.

  3. wizard...
    I love your polls. You think of the best questions.

  4. Thanks, Camille! That's so sweet.

  5. Hey thanks for adding me to your blogroll... I especially appreciated the fourth "funny" you threw in there! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy!


  6. Minh- You're very welcome. It's all about that fourth "funny"...