Monday, January 14, 2008

Assorted Polls

Do you have opinions? Wizards Wireless wants to know about them!

Now that the ALA award winners have been announced, which ones are you the happiest about? See the new poll on the sidebar.

I've also got another poll currently running that asks if you've ever been in a book club.

Only two polls? Why not make it three. Okay. I just posted a Harry Potter poll. Which method of transportation described in the Harry Potter books would you prefer for all your transit needs?

Oh, wait, there's actually four polls up now. There's still a day left to vote for your favorite ALA award.


  1. My preferred method of travel in the Potterverse would definitely be the Hogwarts Express! I love travel by train. I also get motion sick, so I think broom-riding or any of other methods with sudden movements would be right out. Also, I'd be afraid of losing an ear apparating.

  2. Lisa- Good point. Splinching sounds pretty unpleasant, particularly in the 7th book!