Monday, August 27, 2007

Harry Potter: The Musical

Warning: There are no facts whatsoever in this post. This is a total rumor (i.e. not going to happen) but the idea intrigued me and I couldn't help writing about it.

There was a post on the Leaky Cauldron yesterday about a rumored musical version of Harry Potter. So what if it's completely untrue? Isn't that a great idea? In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit here that I'm a theater person... more specifically a musical theater person. The combination of two of my favorite things... Harry Potter and musicals.... well, that just sounds too good to be true. (Turns out it is.)

But while I'm thinking about it, here's some of what I'd love to see if Hogwarts ever decides to come to Broadway:

-A singing and dancing Voldemort

-A chorus of house elves

-A mechanical Buckbeak that flies off the stage.

-The set! Wouldn't the set be fabulous?

And the songs! What wonderful potential! How about....

Sorcerer's Stone: "You're a Wizard!" An upbeat patter song where Hagrid explains to Harry that he's a wizard and what really happened to his parents.

Chamber of Secrets: "The Secrets of Tom Riddle." In the Chamber of Secrets, Tom Riddle tells Harry his history in the form of a melodic ballad.

Prisoner of Azkaban: "The Shrieking Shack Montage." A complicated overlapping Sondheimesque song (like "Someone in a Tree" from Pacific Overtures) with Sirius, Lupin, Pettigrew, Snape, Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Goblet of Fire: "The Hungarian Horntail." A creative and evocative ballet version of the First Task.

Order of the Phoenix: "Harry's Lament." Starts off slow and then builds to a crescendo as Harry insists that no one understands him. (Similar to "Rose's Turn" in Gypsy.)

Half Blood Prince: "The House of Gaunt." A slapstick comedy song (similar to "Master of the House" in Les Miserables) featuring Marvolo, Merope and Morfin Gaunt.

Deathly Hallows: "The Silent Song." In which everyone stands on stage and doesn't say anything for fear of ruining the plot.

What do you think? Got any ideas for this musical extravaganza?


  1. susan, i love your ideas---what a hoot! Why wouldn't they create a musical--the tix would sell like gangbusters.

  2. Thanks! I had fun writing this post.

    J.K. Rowling and her publishers hold the rights... so it depends on if they're interested, if there's a feasible idea on the table, if they have been approached with an offer, etc. I agree... it would definitely be an immediate blockbuster.

    There IS a Harry Potter theme park coming soon to Universal Studios in Orlando.

  3. You're absolutely right. There's great potential for a Sorting Hat song.