Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For better? or for worse?

So, here we are... a few short weeks until the end of For Better or For Worse as we know it. In September Lynn Johnston is starting the hybrid strip which will include scenes and characters from many years ago. See this post for more information about it.

There is an excellent interview with Lynn Johnston in the Patriot News that's worth reading because it's very current and mentions how Elizabeth's storyline will be continued. She also admits that it's been tough writing the small children and teenagers in the strip.

I have to say that I'm going to miss the strip when it's gone. I'm not sure yet if the hybrid will work for me.... I'm reserving judgement on that until I see it. Whatever else fans and critics have to say about it (and there's been a lot said recently) I think that For Better or For Worse has been unique on the comics page for many years and it's the one I'm the most curious about every morning. It's been the only comic strip where characters really change and develop (whether we like what they develop into is an entirely different matter). And I think the reason that there has been so much angst about the plot is that it's one of the few strips that has content that can really be discussed and analyzed.

My hope is that there's a new comic strip writer out there who is inspired to really explore their characters in the way Johnston has... and that there is a syndicate that is willing to sign them, newspapers that will take on a new strip, and readers that will give them a chance. Now, that's a strip I can't wait to read.

UPDATE: It seems that the published interview with Lynn Johnston was only a small portion of the entire interview. The journalist who did the interview has posted the entire thing on his blog. It's fantastic and much better than the shortened interview. To read the unabridged version, go to Chris Mautner's blog. Thank you, Pirate Ninja Mommy for the heads up!!

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  1. Did you see that the full, unabridged article is available here?


    I like the full version a whole lot better. It gives me hope!