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Harry Potter 7: Chapters Eight and Nine










Chapter Eight: The Wedding

Picture: There were some great images in this chapter and so I found it an odd choice that the illustration was of the last sentence in the chapter. Is Harry the one on the far right?

General comment: A wedding is a wedding is a wedding. No matter if it’s magical or in the midst of a war… there are still difficult relatives, quirky neighbors and of course, jealous former boyfriends.

Most memorable:
-Xenophilius Lovegood. What a great name! It can’t be easy for him to fill out forms.

-That Luna was instantly knew who Harry was, even though he was disguised.

-There’s only one minister in the wizarding world?

-Auntie Muriel is a wonderful character. I love her comment that Xenophilius looks like an omelet.

-Ron and Hermione’s reactions to seeing Viktor Krum.

-It was fantastic the way the wedding ceremony changed seamlessly into the reception. I could have used that during my wedding.

-The power of gossip and rumor and how Auntie Muriel’s words cause deep doubt in Harry. Also, the helplessness of Elphias Doge at the mention of the scandals in Dumbledore’s youth.

-Scrimgeour's death. I felt like I was just getting to know him and this caught me by surprise.

-Fred’s description of how Uncle Bilius used to behave at weddings.

-The fact that champagne bottles floated unsupported through the crowd, refilling glasses when needed.

Connection to previous books:
We now see why the brief mention of Gregorovitch the wandmaker in Book Four was important.

Also, Bathilda Bagshot- who to this point has only been mentioned once in Book One- and that was as the author of a book on Harry’s booklist.

In Book Four, Viktor Krum and Hermione were dancing at the Yule Ball and Ron was jealous and sitting next to Harry. When she was done dancing, Hermione was exhausted and sat down next to Harry while Viktor went to get more butterbeer.

In Book Seven, Ron and Hermione were dancing and Viktor was jealous and sitting next to Harry. When she was done dancing, Hermione was exhausted and sat down next to Harry while Ron went to get more butterbeer.

Favorite quote:
Viktor Krum casts an admiring look at Ginny during the reception.
Harry gets suddenly irritated and says: “She’s seeing someone. Jealous type. Big bloke. You wouldn’t want to cross him.”
Krum’s response: “Vot is the point of being an international Quidditch player if all the good-looking girls are taken?” (Scholastic hardcover, page 150).

Chapter Nine: A Place to Hide
Picture: Hermione’s dress. Wow. I had no idea it was that elaborate.

Most memorable:
-The image of Lupin and Tonks standing united together and putting up a solid defense.

-The incredibly quick mood change from the wedding reception to Tottenham Court Road.

-Harry, Ron and Hermione's great cover-up of the battle in the diner.

-The image of the corpse of Albus Dumbledore. That was incredibly creepy.

-The image of Draco Malfoy torturing a Death Eater- and the fact that Harry felt sorry for him.

-Hermione’s small beaded purse that rattles like a cargo hold. This is probably one of my very favorite things in the whole book.

Favorite quote:

“Ron struggled for a moment before managing to extract his wand from his pocket.
‘It’s no wonder I can’t get it out, Hermione, you packed my old jeans, they’re tight.’
‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ hissed Hermione, and as she dragged the waitress out of sight of the windows, Harry heard her mutter a suggestion as to where Ron could stick his wand instead.” (Scholastic hardcover, page 167.)

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