Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sitting in your library

Oooh, I could use one of these. Check this out... it's a chair that also functions as a bookshelf.

No need to ever get up, except for you know, food and stuff. Or to get a book from the back of the chair.

Although (as pixie stix kids pix points out), it looks rather uncomfortable, doesn't it? And where would you put your feet? You don't want to accidentally kick the books on the bottom shelf, and you'd hate to block your book access by placing a footstool in front of the chair. And you couldn't put the chair against a wall or in a corner because then you couldn't get to all your books.

The same designer, Nobody&Co, also makes unusual and creative book shelves.

They look incredibly cool, but I'd need at least fifty to accommodate my burgeoning book collection.

Plus, alphabetical order would be a nightmare, wouldn't it? Or am I the only one that alphabetizes their personal books?

My husband would love it. He firmly believes that books should be shelved by size... not by title, author or subject.

Update: I showed the bookshelf picture to my husband. He said that while he definitely thinks books should be shelved by size, he also thinks that this particular bookshelf is far too inefficient for him. He says it would be more effective if you could move the pegs around.


  1. I organize my books by a mishmash of methods. Size is actually consideration number one, with pocketbooks on one bookcase, trade size books on another couple. Within those groupings, they're alphabetized by author. But then there are the shelves of comics, picture books, reference manuals, and nonfiction that I shelve separately and would probably seem pretty haphazard to anyone but me.

    - lisa (whose CD collection, in case you were wondering, is organized by artists' gender)

  2. (And let's not even talk about the boxes and boxes of books in the coat closet that can't fit on the shelves...)

  3. Your husband might be interested to know that the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of The New York Public Library (i.e. "the one with the lions") shelves its books by size. They have to in order to maximize space. Of course, their stacks are closed.

  4. Lisa- good point.... I use a mishmash of methods too. For example, my comic strip books are shelved by name of artist, and then chronologically. So, if you look on my shelf for Foxtrot, you'll find it under A for Amend... organized from the first book to the most recent. (and, in the case of Foxtrot, I have every single one of them).

    My CD collection is shelved, these days, in my ipod. But before that, I was a big Broadway musical theater person and my collection was organized by composer.

    I did used to alphabetize picture books in my pre-kid days, but all hope of organization there has been lost.

    And yes, let's definitely not talk about the books on the floor that can't fit on the shelves. Not that I have them in my house or anything. =)

    Alkelda- Yes, my husband would be thrilled to hear that. Thanks!