Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Harry Potter gift suggestions

Starting your holiday shopping a little early? Looking for a gift for that special someone? Or for something special for yourself?

Check out these products from The Noble Collection, based on the Harry Potter movies. They're rather expensive, but fun to look at.

Too busy? Need more hours in the day? You're a perfect candidate for a Time Turner.

Looking for immortality? There's a Sorcerer's Stone available (although I thought Nicholas Flamel had taken that off the market.)

Need an old piece of parchment? Buy your very own Marauder's Map which would be infinitely more useful if you actually went to Hogwarts.

Want flames in your living room? Consider this lovely Goblet of Fire.

Need a bathroom mirror? You can't go wrong with the Mirror of Erised.... although I suspect it would take you far longer to get ready in the morning.

Want to brighten up your library? You need a set of Voldemort and Dumbledore bookends.

Shopping for a college student? Check out this Umbridge proclamation dry erase board. Essential for dorm room doors.

Looking for jewelry? You can get the ultimate fashion accessories: Luna Lovegood's radish earrings and butterbeer cork necklace. Or try a Dumbledore's Army medallion or a Dark Mark pendant. (Is it just me, or do Death Eaters not seem like the type to wear necklaces?)

Want to creep out your roommate or spouse? Buy them this lovely collection of Death Eater masks.

Finally, for the person you don't really like, you should definitely get them Umbridge's quill.

For that special Harry Potter fan in your life (the one who has read all the books) see below the spoilers for a few more suggestions.


Voldemort should have really checked the Internet before going through all the effort of tracking people down and breaking open tombstones. He would have found out that he could have gotten Dumbledore's wand online. Really, all he needed was a major credit card and a mailing address. But you can buy it and have an Elder Wand of your own (and then you can't tell anyone ever.)

Nah... skip the Elder Wand and get Draco's wand, which would of course, be more useful for a duel with Voldemort... an everyday situation we all frequently find ourselves in.

And Harry and Griphook would have found this Gryffindor sword rather desirable. This is the original one, right? It would really be useful for destroying all the horcruxes you have lying around the house.

Thanks to the Leaky Cauldron for the link to the Noble Collection.


  1. The thought of radish earrings and butterbeer cork necklace turned out to be much cooler than the actual items themselves. They were too...polished. I guess they want people to actually buy them :)

  2. Jody-
    I totally agree. My image of Luna's jewelry is very different.. I think about it as much more free form and creative.