Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beautiful libraries

Take a look at amazing pictures of extraordinary libraries from around the world on the Curious Expeditions website. There are almost 100 libraries pictured, and each one is unique and beautiful.

My favorite picture is shown above. Even though it's pretty impossible to choose just one... I fell in love with the library of the Admont Abbey in Austria.

Thanks to Another Kick Butt Librarian for the link.

And for me, any library that lets me check out books is beautiful.


  1. Aren't they beautiful? I'm glad you enjoyed! Your favorite is also one of mine. I wish I could visit them all!

    Thanks for tagging me, too:) I love your site. In fact, I shall now add you as a link!

  2. They really are beautiful libraries. I'd be afraid to touch the books on the shelves.

    Thanks for linking to Wizards Wireless... I love your blog too.