Saturday, October 13, 2007

My favorite picture books

What were your favorite picture books when you were growing up? I recently had a conversation on this subject with Kristen at 2nd Gen Librarian. She just did a great post about her favorites and came up with five wonderful books.

I thought this was a fantastic idea and decided to make a list of my favorite five books from when I was little. I failed... it turned into a list of ten. I listed them in alphabetical order- because they're all so wonderful that I can't rank one above another. Here they are:
What were your favorite picture books? I'm talking about the book that you read over and over until it fell apart. Or the book that if you saw it today, you would squeal "Oh! I loved that book!" Or the book you borrowed from the library every time you went? Or the book you could recite every word of, even though you haven't seen it for 20 years? Or the book you always give to a new baby because you want them to share the magic you experienced as a child?

You saw a book on this list that made you squeal, didn't you? =)

Update: I posted a round-up of other bloggers favorite picture books here.


  1. Franki posted about favorite childhood books here.

  2. Thanks Mary Lee! That was a great post.

  3. I LOVE The Moster at the End of This Book!!! One of my all time favorites - I'm even using that book this week in my preschool storytime - we're doing a monster theme! I'm so jazzed someone else actually knew of this book - not many have.

  4. Can I add one from my kids' childhood? I adore Pinkerton, Behave! My kids had it memorized, to the point that when we were traveling, and they shared a room, my daughter would tell it to my son as they fell asleep.

  5. Anything by Jan Brett! I love her illustrations!

    Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak.

    I loved reading Eloise at the Plaza when I was growing up.

    There are way too many!

  6. cary's girl- Isn't The Monster at the End of this Book fantastic? I'm always surprised how many people know it and remember it. There's a sequel called Another Monster at the End of this Book- but I don't like it as much.

    Sara- I definitely have to check out Pinkerton, Behave! I don't know it... thanks for telling me about it.

    Mary Beth- Jan Brett does have great illustrations. I totally agree. I love Where the Wild Things Are (I accidentally left it off my list). And Eloise is wonderful.

    Yes, there are way too many wonderful books! But I think that's a good thing. =)

  7. this is a bit belated, but I love A Birthday for Frances. I recently had my mom bring me my old copy so that I can have it for Ari. My dad used to read this book to me when I was young and we loved the Chompo bar. We still refer to it from time to time.

    I also loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goodnight Moon (so I don't mind reading them constantly now :) and I'm sure lots more that I will remember as I start to read to my child.

    Also, I LOVED the Miss Nelson books!

    What about George and Martha? Those are great too...