Monday, October 29, 2007


I was at a conference the other day... a really great conference for children's librarians... and I was chatting with Jennie of BiblioFile, who is a fellow library school student. Jennie mentioned that she likes Harry Potter (which of course, immediately makes me start talking incessantly). I started to write down my blog address for her in case she wanted to see all my ramblings on the subject. She looked over my shoulder as I was writing and said: "You're Wizards Wireless?!"

Um, yes, I answered. So, this marks the first time ever that anyone has ever independently recognized the name of my blog. Very exciting. And actually, I should say here that Jennie was one of the reasons I started blogging... she was one of the inspirational people at the Kidlit drink night I attended at the American Library Association conference (see my introductory blog post for how I started). Sara Lewis Holmes, Mother Reader and Fuse #8 were also there... and were all very nice to me... even though I didn't have a URL at the time.

It reminded me of a conversation I had a few weeks ago with Adrienne of What Adrienne Thinks About That. Although you post things on your blog for the whole world to read... you sometimes forget that people (other than you) read it. For example, the day I posted about favorite Harry Potter characters, my brother (who I didn't know read my blog) asked me: "Why would anyone vote for Snape as their favorite character?"(In response, I loaned him the 7th book).


  1. That always gets me, too (that people read the blog). I was talking to my brother recently, and he said something about forwarding my post about World Punctuation Day to people, and I was definitely thrown by that (in a good way). Congratulations on your first real-life encounter with a blog fan. I think the first for me was when I met Mitali Perkins at a book signing she was doing. She looked up at me and said "Are you Jen?" and it was just the coolest thing.

  2. Jen- Exactly. It's surprisingly easy to forget that other people read your blog. Looks like we were both impressed about our brothers reading!