Friday, October 26, 2007

Harry Potter Halloween costumes

Need a creative Harry Potter costume? My very punny friends Cate and Josh came up with some great ideas:

Cate's idea: Put on a wig and a fake beard, and carry around a garden pot and a spade. You'd be a Hairy Potter. (Harry Potter)

Josh's idea: Dress like a door and carry a bell with a dunce cap on it. You'd be a Dumb Bell Door. (Dumbledore). Alternatively, you could dress like a door and carry a dumb bell weight.

My idea: Put a wig on your head. Head Wig. (Hedwig)

My other idea: Dress in black. Look concerned. You'd be Serious Black. (Sirius Black)

Yeah, you're right. Cate and Josh are funnier than me.

Anyone else have any good ideas?


  1. Well, heaven knows I can't let Cate one-up me ...

    Walk around with your wife or girlfriend with your legs tied together three-legged-race style, with a great big red ribbon around the center portion of the leg:

    Her/My: A Knee

  2. Jim-
    I knew you were up to the challenge!
    Very funny.