Monday, October 8, 2007


I haven't done a comic strip profile in a while, so let me correct that and tell you about one of my new favorites: Frazz by Jef Mallett.

The title character is an elementary school janitor and he's (there's no other way to say it)... cool. He's fun and quirky; the kind of person you'd like to get to know. What makes Frazz great is that he clearly cares about the kids in the school, and channels that into challenging them and calling their bluffs. Mallett manages to do this in a humorous way without getting overly sentimental.

Not only does Frazz show positive images of being a janitor (not something you see a lot on the comics page), but he's also an avid bicyclist and triathlete. This is modeled after Mallett's interests, and the descriptions of training ring true. There's just enough information to give you the idea without too much jargon to bring the strip down.

Frazz premiered in 2001, and has been steadily been picking up a following. It's always great to see new talent and new strips, and I think is one of the better ones to debut recently.

where to go for a daily fix of Frazz. If you're new to the strip, take a look at this fairly comprehensive Wikipedia article that introduces all the major characters. If you're interested in the creator, Jef Mallet, check out this interview from 2004 in VeloNews.

There are two book collections out so far: Live At Bryson Elementary (#1) and 99% Perspiration. (#2)

I highly recommend this strip. Give it a try!

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