Sunday, February 3, 2008

Poll results

As another semester of graduate school starts in my life, my thoughts turn to my favorite fictional school, Hogwarts. I recently did a poll of favorite subjects taught at Hogwarts. Here's the results:

Question: Which Hogwarts subjects would you like to study?


1st place (21 votes)

  • Transfiguration

2nd place (20 votes)

  • Defense aganist the Dark Arts

3rd place (17 votes)

  • Flying

4th place (16 votes)

  • Charms

5th place (15 votes)

  • Potions

6th place (12 votes)

  • Care of Magical Creatures

7th place (9 votes each)

  • Ancient Runes
  • Herbology

8th place (7 votes)

  • Occlumency

9th place (5 votes each)

  • History of Magic
  • Muggle Studies

10th place (4 votes)

  • Astronomy

11th place (3 votes)

  • Arithmancy

12th place (2 votes)

  • Divination
See the new poll in the sidebar which asks about occupations in the Harry Potter world. I have to say, I think I'd enjoy being the manager of Flourish and Blotts or the Hogwarts librarian. How about you?

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