Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Books and literature in the Harry Potter series

Since this blog is about books and Harry Potter, it seems only natural for me to talk about the books that are mentioned within the Harry Potter series.

J.K. Rowling liberally sprinkles book titles throughout the series, and I've posted a new poll listing some of my favorites. There are 60 books listed, so it doesn't contain every title mentioned in the series (if you're looking for that, see this list at the Harry Potter Lexicon.) But, if the book is featured in my poll, it means that it figures significantly into the plot. Or it's on Harry's initial shopping list in Sorcerer's Stone. Or I think the title is cool. Clearly, I used rigorous standards.


  1. Naturally I had to choose some of the classics (A History of Magic, Hogwarts, A History). And on principle I avoided anything by that liar Gilderoy Lockhart. ;)

  2. Your post makes me think -- we don't hear much about the Hogwarts kids reading for pleasure, do we? Martin Miggs aside, I suppose. They don't even have a language arts class, much less a book club. Clearly a missed opportunity!

  3. Liz- actually, I'd want to read the Gilderoy Lockhart books. Think of the humor value!

    Lisa- Good point. Not even Hermione reads for pleasure. She seems to enjoy reading textbooks and dictionaries.