Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Award for Harry Potter

Jim Dale won a Grammy award last night for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for the recording of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Although, he's received six Grammy nominations for Harry Potter, this is only the second time he's won. I'm thrilled, because I think that the audio version of Deathly Hallows is the best of all seven.

Why do I like Jim Dale's narration so much? See this post.


  1. Man! I really need to listen to one of the Harry Potter audiobooks. One of my secret shames at work is that I have never heard one of Jim Dale's performances.

  2. That's exciting news! I just finished listening to book 7 and it really was amazing. I have only listened to books 5-7, but out of the three I would agree it's Dale's best.

  3. Well...I guess I should really give audio books another chance. It would definitely help me pass away the time on my daily commute and give me the opportunity to "re-read" the Harry Potter series.

  4. Anne- try Sorcerer's Stone and see what you think. Don't feel shamed... I haven't read or listened to lots of things that everyone else has.

    Liz- I think so too. I think Jim Dale does some really creative things with Book 7. Actually, the audio for Book 4 is pretty great too... that's the other one he won a Grammy for.

    Jill- My husband has a long commute to work (an hour each way)- and he listens to audio books every day. He says it makes a big difference. Harry Potter (Book 1) is the first audio book he ever listened to.

    I have a tougher time with audio books than my husband... my mind wanders during the narration.