Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's this blog about?

I get asked constantly for book recommendations for kids and thought I'd finally post them all in one place. A (growing) list will appear in the links and lists portion on the side of the page... but I also plan to discuss them- and why they made my list and what makes each one so good.

Most blogs about children's books highlight the up-to-the-minute current books... which I think is absolutely wonderful.

I have a somewhat different approach... to talk about books, no matter the publication date, that really connect with their readers (particularly if their readers are under the age of ten).

You also may have noticed that my blog is subtitled "Life, children's books and Harry Potter" so I may as well openly confess that I am a Harry Potter nut. Sadly, the last book of the series is coming out in a few short weeks, but I think there will be a lot of unanswered questions and interesting things to mull over- even after all the frenzy has died down.

I'm also a very avid reader of comic strips (the kind that appear in the daily newspaper) so I also plan to highlight some of my favorites- and talk about current developments (like: What the heck was Lynn Johnston thinking?)

So- there you go- reviews of children's books (and things related to children's books), Harry Potter, comic strips, and who knows what else.

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  1. What happened with For Better or For Worse? I haven't read the comics in a while...I'm curious to know.

    Best wishes with your new blog!