Friday, June 29, 2007

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!

What a wonderful book. I love Sandra Boynton's books- but I think this one is particularly special. What's so great about this 26-word book, you ask? I'm not sure everyone would think that "rough rough rough" makes engaging text... but the book isn't written for everyone... it's written for babies. And they're the ones who it really works for.

There's approximately three words a page, almost all of which repeat (which is perfect for a little, impatient listener), the book is over-sized (so it's easier for kids to see and turn the pages), the pictures are simple and not overly complicated.... and.... best of all.... there's an activity for the baby to do on every page. Touch and feel books, especially simple ones like this one, are a HUGE hit with babies.

By the way the "rough rough rough" line is on the same page as a picture of a dog, who has a "rough" paw... but when you read it aloud it sounds like "ruff ruff ruff" which is a pun even a baby can get.

It's funny to look at the publisher's picture of this book.... because the version I own has most of the cover ripped off, a sticky brown substance somewhere in the middle, and the egg shells are completely torn off the birds on the last page. Which goes to show you, even board books can't withstand the love and rough handling of a baby.

This book is of my favorites (and more importantly, one of my son's favorites) and it works every time with every baby I've met.

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