Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For Better or For Worse: Stop!

In today's strip, what made Elizabeth stop the limousine on the way to her wedding?

Did she see her Uncle Phil leave the hospital?

(Did Warren's helicopter just land?)

It looks like Elizabeth is going to figure out by herself what's going on with Grandpa Jim. I like that.

Based on Thursday's strip, I see I was completely wrong about this one. Yes, obviously, I knew that in Wednesday's strip Liz was yelling at the kids to stop because they were driving her nuts. But, there was such an intensity in her expression (beyond even wedding day jitters), that I thought the "Stop!" was more than just a punchline and was a set-up for the next day's strip. Plus, Tuesday's strip had been about Uncle Phil leaving the hospital. So I thought it was likely that they passed the hospital on the way to the wedding and Liz was going to figure out what was going on with her grandfather.

Ah, well.


  1. lol, susan.

    Elizabeth is yelling "Stop!" to the children who are driving her up the wall with their incessant "nooba oobas."

  2. Don't feel bad, I was fooled by the false alarm, too. I thought maybe we were supposed to think Elizabeth was being driven crazy-- and that the kids thought that-- but that there really was something else at work. False alarm. Bummer!