Monday, August 18, 2008

For Better or For Worse: Grandpa Jim

Please forgive the lack of posting I've been doing as I finish up graduate school (only 3 more days left!) But I wanted to take a quick break from working on finals to ask what everyone thinks about the latest development in For Better or For Worse.

Quick update if you haven't been following it lately. The current storyline is ending on August 31st (see this article for more details). We're in the middle of Elizabeth and Anthony's wedding, which was moved up so that Grandpa Jim would be alive to see it. And then, on Saturday, August 16, here's the strip that ran.

So, what do you think? Is he going to make it? Are they going to move the wedding to the hospital? Will Liz be told about what's going on before or after the wedding? Is Grandpa Jim still going to be with us when the current timeline ends on August 31st? Leave a comment or vote in the new poll (or do both.)

1 comment:

  1. Part of me hopes, unrealistic tho it may be, that Liz realizes this wedding is the worst mistake, ever. "Well, Anthony, know that grandpa jim is dead/cannot attend the wedding, why bother?"

    Having read some of the author's personal story lately, I've reached a few admittedly wacky conclusions.
    -- usually, the stories drawn from real life are better than the ones made up
    -- the made up is a bit of wish fullfilment based on what she'd like to have, and doesn't have
    -- the wish fulfillment storylines show some flaws based on them being, well, wish fullfilment
    -- if she had her characters divorce, I'd think we would see a very good strip because it would be closer to real life, which she writes better
    -- she's worse at math than JKR; Francie is supposed to be younger than Merrie & Robin, right? Yet acts older