Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming to a shelf near you: Blueberries for Sal!

I mentioned in this post how sad I was that Blueberries for Sal seemed to be going quietly out of print.

Today, I was thrilled to see this article in this week's Publisher Weekly's Children's Bookshelf. Blueberries for Sal will be back in print again (in a slightly modified edition) with 50,000 copies available in late May or early June.

The article also goes into detail about why Penguin wasn't able to sell the book for about a year.

Welcome back, Sal! We're so happy to see you again.


  1. Interesting. When my daughter was born in 2004, we got THREE copies as baby gifts!

  2. This is great news. Its a pity it took so long for the parties to come to terms. looks like the future of all his titles have been secured.

  3. Good news! I'm working on a Blueberry Girl doll and thought about Blueberries for Sal as well as Gaiman's Blueberry Girl and Beskow's Peter in Blueberry Land.

    I got an email today asking if I'd be willing to recieve paperback copies of the last 3 HP books on my blog as part of a contest giveaway, and I thought, "Not I, but I'd bet Wizards Wireless would like this." Then I realized to my shock and chagrin that I'd not visited in ages. Gah! It was much, much simpler when I had five blog buddies and would go to pieces every time a newcomer would come along to commment.