Saturday, January 24, 2009

The real me

Wondering who I am? After a year and a half of blogging, I'm finally posting my name and photo on Wizards Wireless.

My name is Susan Kusel, I'm a children's librarian in Arlington, Virginia, and I look like this:

The real debate is: where do I put my polls now? Above the picture and info on the sidebar or below it? I can't find a Blogger template that uses three columns.

Revealing my name is pretty much a moot point, because if you Google me, you'll find this blog. But, I just read the third recent link that referred to me as "the children's librarian who blogs at Wizard Wireless" and I couldn't take it anymore. So, the time has come to fully step out of anonymity. I think it's the right decision for me.

Also, on the sidebar, you'll find out a few things about me. As long as I was going for the big reveal, I thought it was a good idea to post a bit of information about me and Wizards Wireless.

I said I don't do reviews on this blog, but actually I have done a couple. To clarify, if I do a review, it'll be about a book I've picked on my own and never an unsolicited one. (Excepting the Harry Potter Lexicon, which I'll be writing about shortly.) That being said, if you want to send me picture books, comic strip collections or books about Harry Potter, I won't complain. And if you've got any original comic strip art kicking around, I'd be happy to take that off your hands anytime.

Have you wrestled with the issue of using your real name on your blog? What conclusions have you come to?

Also, tell me who you are. I honestly have no idea who reads this blog and am always surprised when someone mentions something I blogged about in real life. Leave a comment in this post, join the Wizards Wireless Facebook page, or add Wizards Wireless to "Blogs I Follow" under your Blogger Profile. It would be great to find out who my audience is!

As always, I'm so glad you stopped by.


  1. Welcome to the world, Susan! I stopped by to check out your Newbery prediction(s). The suspense is terrible. ;)

  2. Thanks, Holly! The suspense is killing me too- particularly since I'm in Denver, feet away from where the discussions are happening. I've got to update my Newbery predictions before Monday.

  3. Y'know, anonymity is something I've thought about a lot. I've posted pictures of myself and obviously my name is Abby. ;) If you wanted to, you could pretty easily figure out what library I work at, but I don't blatantly post it in an effort to protect the anonymity of my coworkers and patrons. My coworkers and supervisors know about and read my blog. I see it partly as a professional development tool and I've got my blog on my resume.

  4. Abby- I've been wrestling with it forever. And you'll notice, I didn't say which branch I worked at, only the system. I have my blog on my resume too. But I've been finding it's not an effective professional development tool if nobody knows who I am.

    Also, the PBS blog launch is imminent. I'll be posting there under my real name and it will reach a much larger audience, so it seemed logical to add my name to Wizards Wireless. It's a tough decision, though.

  5. Congratulations on coming out with your real name, Susan! And I agree, you might as well do this before the PBS blog comes out.

    The name thing isn't something I personally wrestled with when I started, though I was a little hesitant about putting pictures up at first. But I don't generally directly link from my blog to my work, and vice versa. And I try to maintain other people's privacy, of course.

    I'd still put the polls above the sidebar info. That way, new people can scroll down and see the personal info, but for regulars, they can more easily see when you have a new poll.

  6. Hi Susan!
    I'm a long time reader, but don't comment often. Congratulations on the children's librarian job! (If you mentioned it before, I've forgotten. Sorry!)

    I'm a youth services librarian in a Dallas suburb. And a Harry Potter fan. :)

  7. I've never been anonymous, though I don't use my last name or the names of my kids (more concerned about their safety than identity theft, possibly a misguided conception), but you can figure out who we are if you follow my husband's blog. Which not many do, so I guess I'm glad for that.

    Anyway. I guess it's good to know your real name, even though I'm not sure how much it *really* matters... :)

  8. Thanks, Jen! Yeah, the PBS thing is going to change everything, isn't it? And good advice about the polls, that's where I'll put them. I've always admired that you put your name right on your blog.

    Laura- thanks for delurking! This is great, I didn't know you were a regular reader. Here’s the post where I announced my new job. I kind of like Harry Potter myself.

    Melissa- I don't think it matters to regular readers what my name is.
    I've been finding it hard to build a reputation on a pseudonym. And although it will now be easier in Google to find out who I am. But, I always post as if my boss, a potential employer and the New York Times is going to read what I write.

    And I'm worried about safety, of course, particularly for my son. I've never posted a picture of him or mentioned his name on the blog.

  9. It's nice to meet you ... and link a name to the blog. Although I didn't hesitate to use my real name, I am hesitant when it comes to pictures, especially with my daughter. Now, if I could just get everyone to stop calling me Mr. Doherty.

  10. Hi Susan, thanks for identifying yourself! I've only recently been reading your blog, but I loved the post about the patterns in Harry Potter books so much that I will stop by more often now. I've always blogged under my real name because I consider it part of my professional work, but I'm very wary of putting personal stuff online. That's why my facebook page lies dormant...

  11. I don't worry too much about people stalking librarians, even though I have heard people say we're a bit dangerous... :)

    Nice calls on the awards!