Friday, May 16, 2008

Poetry Friday: Freedom Again

For poetry Friday today, I'm celebrating the end of another semester of graduate school. In honor of the occasion, I'm repeating an original poem I posted in the fall.

It's going to be a short-lived break, though. Summer school starts in two weeks.

The Poetry Friday round-up today is at Two Writing Teachers.

Free from papers to write
Except for grocery lists.

Free from assigned books to read
Except for bedtime stories.

Free from homework to do
Except for work around my home.

Completely free.
Utterly free.

Until next semester.


  1. Yay for freedom! (Monday, 12pm for me.)

  2. Love this poem! This is how I'll feel when the school year is over, too, I'm sure.


  3. Kelly- Not that you're counting or anything. =) Have a great break.

    Stacey- Thanks! The end of the year is always exciting... whether you're a teacher or a student. Thanks for doing the round up.