Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What the Pigeon Wants

Mo Willems has written a new Pigeon book, that's being released today. In a brilliant marketing move, the publishers have kept part of the title a secret. In all the publicity material, the book is called "The Pigeon Wants a..."

What exactly, the pigeon wants, has been a matter of guesswork and the subject of a contest. And, I've got to applaud Hyperion for keeping it under wraps. The title wasn't in the spring 2008 catalog. There were no early samples available. Heck, the name of the book wasn't even on the packing list, and the books were turned upside down inside the box.

But, now the big moment has arrived, and after keeping the secret for 18 hours (since the box arrived at my store), I can tell you that the Pigeon wants a..... Puppy.

And I can also tell you that it's a lovely, funny book. Mo Willems uses the standard pigeon formula, but deviates a little, which works really well. This looks like a great read aloud book that doesn't require as much screaming as previous Pigeon books. Plus, in a surprise plot twist, the pigeon actually gets what he wants for once. I'm curious to hear what other people think about it.


  1. A puppy! Perfect. I know someone else who wanted a puppy and got one (my daughter!). Will you bringing this one home for your son?

  2. I'm with the pigeon - I want a puppy too!

    I'm frustrated because my library didn't order this one. They're weirdly selective about which Mo Willems' books they get.

  3. I heard it here first! Thanks! Sounds fun.

  4. Anamaria- Given my son's dog obsession, I was thrilled with the subject! I'll definitely have to get him a copy.

    cary's girl- Absolutely. Doesn't everyone? This book was slightly unusual because there weren't samples available ahead of time. To order it, you just had to go on blind faith. Maybe your library will get it once they've seen it?

    Jen- welcome back after your move!

  5. I was so happy when I found out what Pigeon wanted. I had a sneaking suspicion it would be a puppy. Seems like Pigeon and I mostly want the same things: a hot dog, to drive the bus, etc.

  6. Eh. It didn't thrill me, but perhaps because I totally can't relate to wanting a puppy. A rabbit, sure, or pierced ears... that's it! The Pigeon Wants Pierced Ears! That's my next Children's Book that Never Was. I can't wait to tell Bottom Shelf Books.

  7. It's cute, but my favorite, favorite Pigeon book will always be the original. After that, I like the hot dog one.