Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Even More Bookstores!

Thanks to the wonderful people on the CCBC-Net listserv, my list of bookstores has doubled! All bookstores listed are independent and are either children's bookstores or have great children's departments.

The list is now threatening to take over this blog, so I've moved it to the bottom of the links section. Read this post if you're curious why the list is so incredibly long.

Also, I have to mention the fabulous list of bookstores (and lots of other resources) at the Association of Booksellers for Children website.

Am I missing your favorite independent bookstore? Please let me know


  1. Hey there. IN addition to this great list, check The Association of Booksellers for Children (ABC), a non-profit trade association for independent children's bookstores that I direct. Every member store is a great resource for children's books.

  2. OOpps. Forgot the web address.


  3. Thanks Kristen! There's a link to the Association of Booksellers for Children in this post too. =)